Floatation Room 

One of Cornwalls Only Floatation Room 
"The Ultimate in Relaxation" 
Our Floatation Room offers you a blissful experience of weightless floating, free from the usual demands of life. You are suspended in a pool ten inches deep of a dense Epsom salt solution, which entirely supports your body. The water is skin temperature, which means that you lose sense of the boundaries of your body. 
Floatation is a deeply relaxing and pleasurable experience. 
Relaxing in a weightless state in the silent warm floating room activates the body's own system for recuperation and healing. The stress hormone decreases, as does blood pressure. This treatment has benefits for people suffering with depression, anxiety, sleeping problems, phobias, addictions,MS, stress, arthritis and much more. 
For Mums to be contemplating a water birth, the Floatation Room is a real must. being suspended in the salty water will sooth stress, aches and pains. Whilst you float, your mind produces slow theta brainwaves, which make your thought patterns clearer as well as releasing endorphins that will make you happy too! 
Relaxation Lounge 
After any of the treatments you will be invited into our relaxation 
lounge. This is a tranquil, comfort zone for refuelling and rest 
where you will be served a refreshing drink. 
1 Float £30.00 
3 Floats £70.00 
Deposit required to secure booking. 
View our POOL OF DREAMS package which includes a relaxing massage treatment 
Take a look at our SPECIAL OFFERS page for great offers which are changed monthly. 
Benefits of Floatation Therapy 
Deep Muscular Relaxation 
Accelerates healing of injuries 
Enhances Performance using Visualisation 
Complete physical and mental relaxation 
Rejuvenates energy levels 
Enhances creativity 
Promotes clarity of thought process 
Intense relaxation 
Relieve old injuries (especially back ache) 
Ease Arthritis 
Release endorphins 
Improve the condition of the skin 
Detoxify the system 
Useful in pregnancy 
Increase circulation and energy levels 
Balance the left and the right brain 
Improve concentration 
An aid for addictions, phobias, depression and weight loss 
Regulate sleeping patterns 
Relieve stress 
Approved for MS & ME sufferers 
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