Ayurvedic Massage (Ancient Indian Technique) 
During our Ayurvedic massage, large quantities of warm therapeutic oils are used. Its calm approach means that you are not only induced into a deeply relaxed state during the treatment but the regular massage assists the body in self healing, generally making life more joyful and helping to keep at bay the effects that everyday stresses and strains can have on our minds and bodies. 
Ayurvedic massage is therapeutically used for many conditions, as a cure or providing relief and recovery from: 
• Muscle and joint pain 
• Inflammatory conditions 
• Water retention 
• Bad posture 
• Asthma and other respiratory problems 
• Skin conditions 
• Excess sweating 
• Circulatory problems 
• Digestive disorders 
• Obesity and eating disorders 
• Stress, anxiety, depression 
• Exhaustion and lethargy 
• Migraine and headaches 
• Insomnia and sleep-related problems 
Sarvanga Abhyanga / 
Full Body Massage 
75 mins £82.00 
A whole body massage with the help of medicated oils and ghrits as a preventive and curative therapy. Warm oils are deeply penetrated into the cells and release physical, mental and spiritual toxins. During the massage, synchronized circular movements are used over the joints, abdomen and chest whilst downward strokes are used over the hands and legs. 
Sarvanga Abhyanga proves to be beneficial in the following ways:- 
• It relaxes the whole body 
• Relieves tiredness and pain in the muscles 
• Increases the blood circulation 
• Fastens the recovery process 
• Increases longetivity 
• It removes dirt from the skin hence improves the tone of the skin 
• Promotes better sleep 
• Relieves stress and anxiety 
• Pain and stiffness in the muscles 
• Paralysis 
• Frozen shoulder 
• Swelling or oedema in the body 
• Generalized weakness 
• Relaxation 
• Fatigue 
• Rehabilitation after injury or surgery 
• Headaches 
• Decreased range of motion 
• Provides strength to the immune system 
PadaMukha / 
Massage of the face and foot. 
45 Mins £47.00 
Foot and facial massages feature the highest concentration of Marma points to help revive two of the bodies most sensitive areas. These areas often imbue a greatest sense of calm. Starting with the facial component, we rhythmically massage your facial muscles while nourishing skin health with herbal oils. We then follow with the a pressure massage of the sole of the foot, and a lower leg massage that soothes away the fatigue that comes from carrying the body. 
MukhaShiro (Indian Head Massage) / Combined head and face massage 
45 Mins £47.00 
A massage fully focused around the face and head, designed to brighten both physical appearance and mental energy. Starting with the Shirobhyanga to sooth the neck, shoulder, head and upper arm muscles, treatment then follows with a Marma point oil facial massage. These repeated movements refresh facial muscles, but also make it feel like something within the mind is being slowly unwound. 
ShiroPada /  
Combined head and foot massage 
45 Mins £47.00 
A grounding combination that connects the top and bottom of the body, leaving you feeling entirely centred. Starting with a head, neck and arm massage using oil that releases lingering muscular tensions, while the therapist’s soft touch helps to bring stillness to the mind. This is followed with a massage to ease aches out of the leg muscles and an energy point massage on the feet. 
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